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Best IP Law Associates is one of the best law firm in Bangladesh for service of all intellectual property.bangladesh intellectual property We recognise the important of intellectual property rights to the commercial success of your business. Our main aims is to provide excellent services for foreign clients in all over the World of Intellectual property law where mainly includes; Patent registration, Trademark registration, industrial design, copyright protection and .bd domain and many other work with related of intellectual property. We have extensive expertise in drafting patent clarifications of all types before examiners & tribunals, including, but not limited to, trademarks tribunals, district courts and the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Our trademark agents, intellectual property attorneys and barristers are working for early examination and trademark registration in Bangladesh. With unparalleled experience and advanced knowledge we’re able to meet all the requirements of foreign clients to protect their intellectual property rights in Bangladesh. We aim to give our clients a choice of rates and service levels so that the budget conscious will find an appropriate service to suit their needs, while clients who are time poor and want to save their time are also able to access a service level suited to them.

Trademarks Registration 95%
Patent Registration 90%
Design Registration 96%
Copyright Protection 97%
All IP Laws related services 95%