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Bangladesh IP Trademark law firm provides full access to trademark services, suggesting how to apply for trademark registration in Bangladesh at the most affordable price. We assist our clients in drafting, preparing and filing an application with the Trademark Department and represent them in all their dealings until registration.

What is trademark law?

 A trademark is a symbol by which a product or service from another source is distinguished from another source. A person, organization or entity having any law may own the trademark. Usually, trademarks are printed on the wrap of the product, on the invoice or on the product receipt. This symbol also appears in the proprietor’s business establishment.

Trademarks are generally used to claim ownership of individual products. Trading or advertising a trademark of a product other than a proprietor is a punishable offense.

In addition to being a trademark proprietor, it can be used through a license. Most toymaker companies conduct business and marketing business licenses. Brand piracy is called when trying to sell a fake product or service using illegal trademarks. If a victim of brand piracy can own a trademark law. In most countries, the proprietor has to register a trademark in order to receive legal assistance.

Common law is used in trademarks in other countries including the United States, Canada. In this case, unregistered trademark owners can also take legal action against fraud. Unregistered proprietors generally receive less legal assistance than registered proprietors. The following symbols are commonly used to refer to a trademark: A trademark is usually a picture, letter, letter or symbol. If a company or company provides only services, the service mark can be used instead of a trademark.

How to register a trademark in Bangladesh?

Generally, trademarks are used to distinguish a product from another. Registering a trademark is very important. Generally, trademark registration is granted for seven years. However, it can be renewed.

Trademark application rules:

Registrar of Patent, Design and Trademark Directorate of Bangladesh should apply for registration according to product type. Applications can be found on the Department’s website ( The required application fee has to be submitted with the application. The registration fee will be based on the type of product or service you are seeking. But first of all, according to the international classification of products and services, you should write in the application which category your product belongs to. According to the International Nice (NICE) Agreement, the product category should be known. The application is examined after submission. If the application is defective or objectionable it will be notified in writing. You will have the opportunity to reply and listen

Opposition to the application:

The aggrieved person may oppose the application within two months of the publication of the journal. The opposition will result in an opposing case. If the result of the case goes against the registration applicant, the registration application will be rejected. And if the result is in the favor of the applicant then further action will be taken to provide registration.

Ugly or gory mark; Mark against any existing law, a mark that is deceptive or misleading, analogous mark, a mark that can hurt religious sentiment; Applicants for any country, international company or office name, monogram, map, flag, any mark corresponding to national symbol, chemical product etc. cannot be applied.

Remedy for duplicating trademarks:

According to trademark law 20, a registered trademark can be sued for trademark infringement. And if an unregistered trademark is duplicated, then a case of passing off (owning another person’s product) can be sued. These cases have to be made in the District Judge’s Court. In addition, a first-class judicial magistrate or a Metropolitan Judicial Magistrate can be sued for false trademark use. The responsible person can be jailed for a minimum of six months to two years or a fine of up to a maximum of Rs 3,000 to a maximum of Rs 3 lakh.

Our Services Bangladesh Trademark law firm

  • Domain Names and Internet
  • Trademark Counseling and Prosecution
  • TTAB Oppositions and Cancellations

Domain Names and Internet: 

Bangladesh IP Farm has developed a lot of practice to enforce and enforce trademark rights on the Internet. Our team has successfully assisted clients with their global domain name strategy and application and is at the forefront of new developments in domain name policy and dispute resolution, including the latest changes to generic top-level domains (GTLDs). Our team is skilled at advising clients on the use of social media brands, including advertising topics, programs and applications, and takedown notices on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

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