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The best IP law provides legal support for all intellectual property law-related issues, such as Trademark registration, patent registration, design registration, copyright protection, and other IP law-related services Firm. We provide a wide range of legal and technical advice to our clients, helping them to create and implement IP-strategies in Bangladesh.

We represent them in front of government authorities and in court. It is important for us to identify legally and technologically sustainable solutions to complex legal issues and to keep our clients’ business goals in mind.

Importance of Hire an Expert Intellectual Property Lawyer

Expert Intellectual Property Lawyers in Bangladesh

Intellectual property law should consider the advice of a business or individual’s intellectual property attorney with an interest in protecting the diverse and highly specialized niche brands, processes, and trade secrets that they worked hard to develop. The skills of an IP lawyer will not only protect a client but can also ensure the future and longevity of the business.

Our All intellectual Property (IP) laws Services 

Trademark Protection & Enforcement

A trademark is a valuable asset that can be inherited and possessed by inheritance.

Signer of the TRIPS Agreement on Intellectual Property Rights under the Bangladesh World Trade Organization (WTO), TRIPS aims to integrate intellectual property law with most people around the world.

Thus, all signatories to the agreement have a uniform IP law that is subject to the minor changes allowed by the agreement. Bangladesh complies with TRIPS in large quantities during its transition (does not fully comply with international IP discipline) and is still in compliance with the TRPS policy.

By trade, a trademark is a unique mark, picture, word, color or color group that identifies a particular product or service, which distinguishes that product or service from all other similar products or services.

Patent registration in Bangladesh

A patent application is a set of one or more claims described in a formal document, including a request from the Patent Office for the grant of a patent for a discovery described in the patent specification, and a formal document containing the required official form and related correspondence, a combination of the document and its processing within the patent office’s administrative and legal framework.

In order to receive a patent grant, a person must apply to the Patent Office with the authority to issue a patent in a geographical area, which requires coverage above it is often a national patent office, but maybe a regional company, such as the Bangladesh patent office. In compliance with the laws of the Office of Patent Specification, the patent may be approved for the inventions described and claimed by the specification.

The process of “negotiating” or “arguing” with the Patent Office for grant of a patent, and the contact of the patent after its grant with the Patent Office, is different from the patent litigation known as the Patent Prosecution, which is legal for infringement after the patent is granted. Regarding the process.

Design registration in Bangladesh 

Designs and Registration is simple and easy in Bangladesh. The information required for registration or design protection in Bangladesh is given below: Patent and Design Act, 1911

Any person claiming to be the proprietor of a new or original design not previously published in Bangladesh can apply in the prescribed form for the designated article. Upon registration, a design shall be registered as the date of application for registration, and the controller shall issue a certificate of registration to the proprietor of the design when the design is registered.

Copyright protection in Bangladesh 

Copyright protects original works such as literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. Copyright protection is automatically provided under the Copyright Act 1968 and gives the creator the exclusive right to reproduce, commercialize, and recognize it as its creator.

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